Artist Rocky Burkhardt

Will deliver a dynamic presentation specifically designed for your group or function

Master Artist and Teacher, Rocky Burkhardt delivers a highly charged educational, motivational and inspirational presentation mixed with emotion and humor that can direct and change lives. His presentations are ideal for artists, teachers, students, athletes, environmental groups, religious groups, social and business groups.

Popular Presentations

"The Secrets of Life"

This presentation reveals the actual “Secrets of Life” used by the Great Masters of Art to enjoy life and to create their Great Works of Art. Anyone can use these “Secrets to enjoy life, and to create great art. These “Secrets” can lead to a richer fuller life!

Super Power for Athletes

These “Secrets” gave the Great Masters of Art the energy and creativity to complete their great works of art. Your team will learn where Michelangelo got the stamina to lay on his back with his arms raised in the air for four years while completing the Sistine chapel. Your team/s will learn how to tap into the same energy used by the Great Masters. They will come to know the great power and potential within them and how to use it in sports and in their everyday lives. This presentation is a most for all athletes!

Where is God?

This presentation reveals the very essence of God. The Great Masters of art knew and understood God and creation. This presentation comes from the Holy Books and has the power to change lives forever! This presentation is appropriate for all churches and denominations.

The Secrets of Communication

This presentation is designed to help teachers, administrators, management, salespeople or anyone to extend to and connect with those around them in a positive and productive way. The Great Masters knew how to communicate very successfully through their art. These same “Secrets” of communication can be used in our daily lives.

The Secrets of Art Used by the Great Masters

This presentation is directed specifically to artists or would be artists. It reveals the “Secrets of Life” used by the Great Masters of Art. In today’s world we have lost the insights and techniques used by the Great Masters. This is a simple, step by step method for creating outstanding, living art.

Poetry Presentation

Burkhardt recites from his new book "The Secrets of Life in Poetry" and connects with the Great Masters of art. This is a dynamic presentation revealing the great power and potential within each of us.

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