On March 25th, 1964, Burkhardt's picture appeared on the front page of the Kentucky Post and Times Star with the headline "Poem brings thanks from LBJ." Burkhardt wrote the poem, "The Great Eagle," in memory of the slain President John F. Kennedy and had sent it to President Lyndon Johnson as well as to Rose Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy and Senator Bobby Kennedy. This was Burkhardt's first public poem.

Over the years, Burkhardt has written and delivered numerous poems to cover all types of emotions, events, and philosophies.

In 2001, Burkhardt wrote another heartfelt poem, "Un-suspecting Heroes" in commemoration of those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Today, Many of Burkhardt's poems deal with life and his "Xtendoe Secrets of Life." These are "Secrets" that were passed down by the Great Masters, then simplified and expanded by Burkhardt.

Be sure to purchase Burkhardt's new book "The Secrets of Life in Poetry." This Book contains insights into the "Secrets of Life" used by the Great Masters to enjoy life and to create their great works of art. These poems are very enjoyable and enlightening. The book also contains some of Burkhardt's classic poems to include the,"Great Eagle" written in memory of President John F. Kennedy, and "Un-suspecting Heroes" in memory of those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Poetry Presentation

Burkhardt recites from his new book "The Secrets of Life in Poetry" and connects with the Great Masters of art. This is a dynamic presentation revealing the great power and potential within each of us.

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