Rocky Burkhardt creates artwork that is significant in understanding the existence of man and creation. It shows that humans and their surroundings exist, extend, connect, and are unified with each other, the world and with The Creator. His artwork is dynamic, has meaning, mystery and authority. It is aesthetically pleasing and sought after for purchase and exhibit.

Burkhardt is in the lineage of the Great Masters of Art. The Great Masters knew the "Secrets of Life" and were able to use that knowledge to enjoy life and to create their great works of Art. Burkhardt learned the, "Secrets of Life" through his study with Michael Skop, a student of Ivan Mestrovic, who was in turn a student of Rodin and on back to Michelangelo and beyond. Through his lineage and his own reflection, study and thought, Burkhardt was able to pull together many of the, "Secrets of Life" and existence. He coined the acronym, "Xtendoe" which ably describes how we as humans exist. "Xtendoe" stands for Extended Entities and Domains of Existence. Entities and domains extend out to other entities and domains and are connected to and unified with them. In short, Xtendoe is an awareness (Enlightenment) of how life works and how we as humans fit into the scheme of life. An awareness of this knowledge can lead to a richer, fuller life to enjoy and create. Great power and potential can be yours through Xtendoe.

Rocky Burkhardt shares his astonishing "Xtendoe Secrets of Life" through his art, books, and presentations. Burkhardt's artwork is known as, "Xtendoe Art."

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Burkhardt The Artist: P.O. Box 721666 Newport, KY, 41072
Burkhardt Studio Located at: 108 East 8th Street Newport, KY 41071
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