Partial list of articles relating to BURKHARDT THE ARTIST

Poem brings thanks from LBJ
Kentucky Post and Times Star, March 25, 1964, front page

Burkhardt the Artist
Round the Square, Vol. IV, No. 2, December 1976

Inching Along
The Kentucky Post, Thursday, December 30, 1976, page 7

Before the Performance
The Kentucky Post, Thursday, June 1, 1978, page 6

Artist expresses love for the bluegrass state Lynn Dickman, Col. Covington's Chronicle, August 1978, page 5

Carnival Time
The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday, August 6, 1978, page B-8

New Faces
The Kentucky Post, Saturday, January, 13, 1979, page 8

The Kentucky Post, Thursday, April 12, 1979, page 9

Burkhardt's art touches "the common man"
Corky Johnson, The Northerner, Friday, December 7, 1979, page 6

Papal reply
The Kentucky Post, Tuesday, January 19, 1980, page 6

Burkhardt the Artist puts environment into his work
Miki Turner, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Monday, July 7, 1980, page A-2

Interest in Wildlife led to Art Career
George Palmer, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Monday, April 20, 1981, page A-16

Burkhardt exhibits senior show in own gallery
Terah Glover, The Northerner, Friday, April 24, 1981, page 11

Painting adorns Restaurant
George Palmer, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Kentucky, Sunday, July 26, 1981,
page B-10

Cable Channel Adds Public Service Programs
The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday, February 13, 1983

Artist Ray Burkhardt tapes show for Storer Cable
Cindy Schroeder, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday, March 13, 1983, page B-6

Floating Show
The Kentucky Post, Friday, April 22, 1983, page 5k

Burkhardt's homespun art on display at Mike Fink
Downtowner, April 27, 1983, page 6

Burkhardt Exhibits
Dixie News, Florence, KY, April 28, 1983, page26

Burkhardt the Artist puts area on canvas
Dianne Hamlin, The Campbell County Recorder, Thursday, June 2, 1983,
page 2

Appalachian artist moves to Drip Rock
Citizens Voice & Times, Irvine, KY, Monday, June 24, 1985

Local artist to present drawing class at library
Citizens Voice & Times, Thursday, November 14, 1985, page 4

Arts proposal exciting idea
Citizens Voice & Times, Thursday, March 13, 1986, page 20

Easter fun hops into town
Citizen Voice & Times, April 3, 1986, page 15

Artist Attends conference
Citizen Voice & Times, Thursday, April 24, 1986, page 4

Rocky Burkhardt to be speaker at Kiwanis Club
Citizen Voice & Times, Thursday, May 15, 1986

Burkhardt is part of "Arts in Schools" project
The Jackson County Sun, Thursday, September 4, 1986, page 11

Just another face in the crowd?
Citizen Voice & Times, Thursday, September 25, 1986, front page

Arts project begins work with students
Bob Herron, Citizen Voice & Times, Thursday, September 25, 1986, page 24

Tlhe arts are active in Estill County
Citizen Voice & Times, Thursday, October 23, 1986, page B-1

The Creative Process, Appalachian Style
Giovanna Burks Godby, The Mountain Spirit, Nov-Dec 1986, page 2, 11-13, back cover

Burkhardt addresses club
Citizens Voice & Times, Thursday, December 11, 1986, page 5B

Burkhardt's creative process
Giovanna Burks Godby, Citizen Voice & Times, Wednesday, December 31, 1986, pg 10

Artist brings touch of nature to classroom
Sharon Thompson, Lexington Herald-Leader, Saturday, January 24, 1987,
page B-10

Burkhardt to produce program
Citizen Voice & Times, Thursday, March 5, 1987, page 6

Rocky Burkhardt's art students entered in New York scholastic art competition
Citizen Voice & Times, Thursday, February 13, 1992, page 4

Impressionist visits library
Citizen Voice & Times, Wednesday, June 23, 1993, page 9

Rocky Burkhardt's art classes painted scenes
Estill County Tribune, Irvine, KY, Wednesday, November 3, 1993

Art takes you where you want to go
Citizen Voice & Times, Thursday, May 19, 1994, page B-1

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